Directorate of Academic Planning and Quality Assurance


Dr Tosin I. Awodoyin

Ag. Director


[email protected]

[email protected]

Administrative Block, Permanent Site, GUMED, Imope-Ijebu, Ogun State

P.M.B. 2015, Ijebu-ode, Ogun State


The Directorate of Academic Planning and Quality Assurance of Gerar University of Medical Sciences, Imope-Ijebu is the quality assurance organ of the University under the Vice-Chancellor’s office.

The function of the Directorate of Academic Planning includes:

1.       Serves as the quality control unit of the university.

a.       Guiding each Unit on the operation of the University Academic Brief which outlines the academic plan of programmes and services, including philosophy, mission, objectives, curriculum, and future growth plans.

b.      Acting as a liaison between the University Management and various government regulatory agencies such as the National Universities Commission (NUC), and other relevant bodies.

c.       Examining and evaluating the University's adherence to the criteria set by regulatory agencies for the allocation of funds and resources, including detailed analysis and assessment of compliance with funding guidelines and requirements.

d.      Collecting current, pertinent, and precise data for analysis and producing insights to assist University Management in making precise and timely decisions regarding university affairs (e.g., staff and student records, financial data, research outcomes, etc.).


  1. Performs other functions such as:

a.       Evaluation of a proposal for the establishment of new Academic Programmes and review of existing curricula for submission to the Academic Planning and Curriculum Committee, Senate and NUC.

b.      Involvement in the preparation, procurement, and distribution of examination materials.

c.       Coordinates University-wide survey to update data on key matters concerning the University.

d.      Production of annual reports and publication of the University records, statistics and research reports.

e.       Coordinates curricula revision and/or review activities as well as ensuring that the University complies with procedures and guidelines on new programme development.

f.         Analyze collected data for making projections and advising the University on areas of direct concern and attention.

g.       Provides input into the production and or revision of long term, medium-term and short-term academic briefs and/or plans and modelling of such plans against reality and University goals.

h.       Serves as an intermediary between the University and governmental agencies, researchers, and professional bodies.

i.         Analyze and interpret University annual statistics on enrolments, staff training and turnover.

j.         Performing any other function that may be assigned by the Vice-Chancellor.